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CCTV visited Xiao Jing's birthplace
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Recently,CCTV visited Hundsun Technologies Inc.
The main reason for this visit is the Xiao JING. On the first trading day of 2018, the Xiao Jing produced by Hundsun  appeared in CCTV-2“Trading Time”program as an intelligent  investment assistant and became a permanent guest.
In recent years, with the gradual maturity of large-scale computing capacity、data、and machine learning, artificial intelligence began to develop rapidly.      
The enthusiasm of the public for artificial intelligence was rekindled and continued to heat up.
Whether it is as the top financial media in China—the CCTV Financial channel, or Hundsun which has led the financial IT industry for more than 20 years, the focus has been on this area.
The Xiao Jing were born from their collision, This cross-boundary exchange and in-depth discussion of financial technology also comes from this.

When Financial Media Meets Financial Technology
  “After becoming a resident guest of CCTV, Xiao Jing  has enhanced the audience’s  interaction and stickiness.” Yan Weiyi, Assistant Director of CCTV Financial Channel, introduced that "Trading Time" is the only program of CCTV that is positioned in the capital market. It is also the only financial program that routinely introduces smart robots in the program.  
The emergence of Xiao Jing brings new elements to the program in the transformation of the current media into the " Convergence Media," and it also gives investors a more intelligent experience. "The Xiao Jing is a robot and a media professional," said Fang Tielin, editor of CCTV Financial Channel and producer of "Trading Time."
Technology does not exist on its own, but it is combined with the application of big data from various industries to specific tasks to produce maximum effectiveness.
Liu Shufeng, president of Hundsun Technologies Inc, believes that with the changes in technology and changes in the media, cross-border integration in different areas will bring different perspectives and more innovative collisions.
It’s happening in all walks of life.
"Professional capabilities will be amplified, and cross-border integration will generate many opportunities." He believes that the Xiao Jing is a start, in the near future, through the combination of technology and business, will continue to produce more applications.
Executive Director of Hundsun, Mr. Guan Xiaolan, introduced seven frontiers of FinTech, and Hundsun will pass Mi (Mobile Internet), A (AI), B (Blockchain), C (Cloud computing), D. (Data), G (global connect), H (high performance) and other cutting-edge technologies and capabilities continue to enable the development of the industry.
In addition, the two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on various aspects of data products, smart information, investor education, and short video.

Looking at the future from the Xiao Jing
During the interaction, Xiao Jing demonstrated its core functions of speech, natural language processing, and financial investment. According to Qian Xiaofang, general manager of JingTeng Network, Xiao Jing represents the 23 years of Hundsun's financial science and technology service capabilities and 18 years of financial data capabilities.
 Since Xiao Jing appeared on CCTV, it also has the function of asking questions, and has already conducted over 100+ million interactions with users.
In addition to the well-known role of smart investment assistants, Xiao Jing has expanded its applications in financial services, investor education, and other areas. In addition, in terms of content and deep cooperation with the Tmall Genie, through the Tmall Genie, users can interact with "Xiao Jing"
In 2017, Hundsun launched artificial intelligence products such as smart data, smart investment advice, smart customer service, smart supervision, and intelligent operations. It has also cooperated with various securities companies, fund companies, and banks, including Fortune Securities, GF Securities, and TIANHONG Asset Management. 
In the future, Hundsun will continue to introduce more intelligent financial instrumental products in the industry chain map, intelligent risk control, and smart strategies.
It can be predicted that artificial intelligence will generate endless applications in the financial field. Hundsun and CCTV will also explore more abundant scenes and jointly promote the integration and innovation of financial media and financial technology.

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